Who said beauty is beautiful?

Beauty is fuckin dangerous!

So far, it only caused me trouble…..cause I fall for it every single time!

Just run from it…unless u like gettin into trouble…unless u can handle trouble.

U see, when u hunt for something that everyone is hunting, u have serious competition. And u might be kind, and sincerely thoughtful…but the competition…is way wicked! U must play the game like no other.

U see it, u like it, u slowly fall into it…and u end up by fallin in love with it.

And that’s the moment u start gettin fucked up.

Call me crazy, call me psycho(because I am!), but don’t fall inlove to easy !

And now I’m contradicting myself….cause not too long ago I was shouting out loud: “Damn feels right to fall inlove fast and be pasionate like crazy…makes you feel alive!”   Yeah…apprendice, you must now learn your lesson: ” It makes you feel alive, but you’ll surely want to die when the spell goes away…”

shit fuck ! !


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