Recharging batteries of Zen


When things end up like this, I take a long zen bath.

I turn off the light and light a candle instead…just a few lavender oil drops indulging the hot water…I get all naked…slowly…and then…the water tickles my body…so warm and gently…I get absorbed into thoughts…sometimes the steamy bathroom makes me fall asleep….sometimes I travel in places I’ve never seen…sometimes I imagine another warm body beside me, holding me…kissing me…and then I wake up…I’m alone…but it’s good…it’s good to be me sometimes…


2 Responses to “Recharging batteries of Zen”

  1. ringzro Says:

    Cam multe puncte de suspensie, desi nici cuvintele nu-s putin. Doar ideile. Abuz de harbuz. ;)

  2. Saico Cic Says:

    Chiar nu poti sa-ti expui PROPRIA parere despre ce am scris, sau iti place sa “citezi” de fel, pe altii?
    Pentru ca imi suna cunoscuta abordarea ta…
    Si inca ceva:
    1. sunt multe puncte de suspensie pentru ca asa se cuvine la genu’ asta de “povestire”
    2. E O SINGURA IDEE !! aceea ca eu fac baie intr-un anume fel atunci cand vreau sa ma relaxez.
    d’oohhh !

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