This is brain raping, dude !


I have the right to remain silent … but I won’t !

Anything I say could be used against me ….

But, ooh … I’d love to! With handcuffs and shit ….

Kinda turns me on …you know … ;)

This is adults territory !

Let’s act accordingly !

Let’s forget and forgive!

Foreplay and up for more, ladies and gentlemen !

For goodness’ sake!

I haven’t sleept for …. like years …

I feel like something good had passed by me, without even saying : “hey, you fuck! I’m here! Come grab my balls! Blow me or something! “

I never heard that !

It has been blown away from meeeeee !!!

Nobody had the balls to say that !

And then you camed, and you’re so powerful and cynical…so ironic and funny …

Fuck you !

I should … you know … I’d feel much better … I think …

I sense that you can make me feel good…..It’s in the way you grab your balls while you smile at me…like you always knew this is going to happen…like you read my mind before I even thought it and you smiled because you liked it…

You sick fuck!

That’s what I like so much about you…you’re almost just as paranoic as I am….sick…mentally retarded and spiced with juuuust a lil’ bit of a genious spark right there.

Ok..maybe some more..

OOook…..maybe a lot ! :P

So manly and erotic….fresh and juvenile …

That “I don’t give a fuck attitude”….I just love it!

I’d love to grab you in crowdy places and massage your balls while kissing your neck … but It wouldn’t be to nice the next day in the morning, wouldn’t it ? huh…?

I’m sure you have an answer for that too.

And I bet is a teasing one !

‘cause you just loooove to torture me….yes, you do!

You do it so … so … SO well !

You left me speechless five times already, in just one conversation….

That means a lot !

It means I totally like you, slut !

You doochebag !

Stop teasing meee !

Stop being such a nice perfect guy !

‘cause I’m not good at this !

I’m used to screw things up !

I’ve messed up a few brains already …

That’s what I thought …

Then I saw the real fact.

And the real fact is that the only one whose brains got fucked up was me !

Fuck !

I’m such a mentally-twisted-addicted-chick to brainstorm-alike-foreplay-sexual-teasing-romantic-love.

That’s just me !

I tend to complicate things…and act strange sometimes…and be rude…and raw….but you love that, don’t you !

You sick fuck !

You knew it from the first time !

And you took advantage of it !

And you knew you’re fuckin with my brains.

I can’t say I don’t like it…

It’s just that I don’t think I can handle it right now.

Not really this particular time!

I think…

Fuck !

I can’t decide .

And I will not !

The flow is mine !

I’ll follow it !


All the way…

Kisses and hugs from here ! :* >:D<

Take care!


Don’t jerk-off to many times thinking about me; maybe it’ll turn you off when you’ll actually…be there..



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