Questions with no answers required


Do we all need part-time relationships?

Do we all need somebody to wake us up, or we can do it on our own too?

Do we all reach that moment in our lives when we desperately need someone to stand beside us “in goods and bads” ?

Do we really have to listen to what people say?

Do we really know something or we’re just making up things?

Do we really live or we’re all “awake-walking” ?

Do we really exist or we’re all part of a cosmic joke?

Can we only be just friends, or do we have to fuck before looking deeper in each others soul?

Why do we have to ask so many questions?

Why do we have to complicate things just to feel alive?

Why can’t we just buy love and happyness from a store? I think it would be a great marketing investment…

Why do we have to obey and follow orders…why do we have to choose a path(usually somebody elses path…)…why do we have to feel so bad sometimes…why do we have to justify ourselfs so often just to be well understood?

Why do close-minded people still rule the world?

Why cannot we all be free?

Free for real…

I actually don’t expect any answers.

I’m just incredibly proud of being able to ask these kind of questions..


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