Just sex


“It all comes down to sex”-they all like to say…

I used to say that too…

But now I realise the difference!

It’s easier to admit that, and spread your legs and do…whatever…

Some girls take that in serious.

They live their lives by those words. They can’t see any difference between good sex and bad sex.

Well…it depends on the emotional repercutions.

Bad sex always comes along with doubts, second thoughts and bad feelings.

Good sex is like a long waited dessert, like a revelatory actions that brings you back to life and makes you see things from a way better perspective.

And let’s not mix up sex with love. They can come together or not.

First of all, if you truely love somebody, there is the possibility that sex to be useless. Meaning that physical interraction cannot overpass the telephatic bonding .

So there is a quite big possibility to love without having sex, and to have sex without loving.

Never tried that!

Though…I’ve seen much!

And I’ve been thinking a lot more…

So :  sex and love

sex, no love

just sex

You choose!

But you’ll need  some huge brain support in order to make the right decision for you.

Maybe you’ll be dead before ever realising the difference between them…

Actually…it all comes down to love!

’cause if you love you have the right to do whatever!

You are above law!

You are love…so there’s no chance to be mistaking.

But before feeling relieved and feeling free to fuck everyone you sympathise, think twice about the shit you’re going into!

’cause if you make one wrong decision is very possible to keep mistaking for a while before you start counting scratched bars on your wall.

||| ||| ||| ||| |||

’cause only then you’ll realise you have to stop.

Anyway…you can also choose not to make any decisions..and just go by the flow…and enjoy…and love…and be happy with that.

That’s the way the cookie crambles! :))


2 Responses to “Just sex”

  1. John Tydway Says:

    thank you for you

  2. Saico Cic Says:


    I am grateful to Universe for everyone of us!
    Take care of you and never forget to love unconditionally!

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