zen zen zen


c`moooon girl….just let those fuckin frustrations go!!
we need some air! 
breath your own !don’t fuck with mine!!!
we need some space!
your space is poluated with frustrations and frustrated questions!!
you should live better.
not that way!!
go to sleep!!
fuck yourself or smth!
let me enjoy myself tonight!
I’m young!
let me dance!
you need something you can’t have?
then why the fuck are you making me go nuts??
relax girl ..cause life is short….
and I’m to zen to fuck my brains that way!
I have funnyer ways to fuck my brains.
you need some entertainment, a hard rock on dick or smth! 
your smile is fake…..you’re psycho the wrong way!
don’t you wanna be psycho my way??
Cause it’s funnyer!!!!!!!!!!
I’m funny!
I’m party!!
I’m joy!!
I’m love!
You’re hate’n !
I can’t even look at you without seeing shit, mud and arguing-all-the-time attitude!
you are beautiful…but you are so ugly when you do that!
can’t you just relax and see the good part? like…the part when he says he loves you….and he needs you….and he’s near you all the time….and stuff and shit!!??
c`moooon…I know you can do than!
Just try a lil’ bit harder not to be such a cockblocker!!!
You should fuck yourself. Ya’ ! Ya’!
Or just get hysolated somewhere in the desert where you can fight with your own frustrations.
Where you can be allllll alone and happy??
You’re not that funny at all!
You’re crazy the wrong way!
Don’t you wanna be crazy my way??
’cause it’s funnyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(urasc cand scriu o ora si mi se sterge totul intr-o secunda … ! ) 
poate data viitoare salvez mai des insemnarile.
ce chestii de duh spusesem..
Futu-i mortii ma-sii de net! 

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