all about YOU


You are so…gentle…and kind.

You always give me what I need…exactly when I need it the most.

You’re the best friend ever, the best listener…and you always know what’s right for me .

You always pay attention to what I say and need.

You understand me better than anyone elses does.

You’re so special to me ! I write these thoughts hoping some day you’ll read them and you’ll realise just how much I adore you…and how much you mean to me…

You never lied to me! And I’m sure you never will .

You show me the light when it’s dark inside…and when I’m to fucking blind to see the truth.

You are the best in me!

You bring out the best in me!

You make me laugh when I wanna break down and cry .

You give me wings and make me fly ! :)

Sometimes, even when you’re far away, deep in your thoughts, it seems that you’re so close I can almost touch you .

I love you ! ’cause you love me unconditionally…and that’s what I need.


I know you’ll stay beside me no matter what. I trust you ! And you trust me too.

When I hold your hand I get tickles inside…like a strange energy flushing my entire body…spreading divine scents accross the Universe.

You love everything I love…and that’s why I love you !

I need no one else but you !

You love life and you’re not affraid of death . You know we are binded…two in one.

You once told me that today is just a second, this life is just an hour…nobody knows about “tonight”…so we decided to take the jurney of your lifes.

You’re all I need indeed !

But most of all…by far…the greatest thing about you is that…you are ME !


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