EL.HIM.EX. (Definitii, Vol V )


He. He’s. He’ll. Hell!

Can’t say he’s my ex.

Never was mine.

Could have been…


Not to him, though .

But … what the Hell! We’re cool…even since childhood. Hopefully we’ll remain like that…cool I meen !


Who am I lying to ? 

We both know that things’ll get just too hot to be cool

We know

We try

We $%^&

We trade….places…flashing eye-to-eye contact…electrifying lip-to-lip stories…skin-to-skin epopees.

And then we take it aaaaaaaaaall over again.

Cold. Cold. Hot. Cold. Cold. Hot.

This is our rhytm.

Crazy rhytm. Explosive rhytm. Slow jamz. And then frantic jamz.

The real and natural extazy. 

My favourite sin.

My favourite drug.

We go dizzy…

Trip to VERTIGO .

I have never experienced this telepathic kind of arguing.

New things.

Exhausting things.

I just need to get some rest.

Is it possible to be so sick and tired of some of the games we’re playing that my brain would get a fever…? Like the muscular fever…?

“Hey Doc. ! I need a Ben Gay for my brain ! ”



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