.-.. Il faut bien se perdre. Non l`un l`autre, mais l`un dans l`autre ..-..


she goes…


Se duce incet incet inocenta cu care speram sa ma laud peste ani si ani …



I can`t make u friend with my friends, they`re no good 4 u. You always make fun of them, like you`re superior, or smth. And when I ask u to go out u say: ” what the fuck? don`t you have any friends to go out with? ” (not really,not any more,i`ve let them go 4 u) “don`t you have any money to go out?” (why,yes i have,but i`d like to spend them with you) ” why are you always counting on me?” (because i [heart] u so much)

This is bullshit you`re telling me…BULLSHIT!!